Monday, June 1, 2009

Or Maybe I'll Just Enjoy The Color Purple...

I’ve been laboring at two jobs since the summer of sophomore year at Brentwood High School, when I kicked off my working life pulling a shift as an assistant at a local psychiatric hospital in the afternoons, and working the register at Kids R’ Us in the evenings. I’m no stranger to hard work; I get it from my mom and dad.

But today, I’m done busting up the chifforobe. Instead, I’m doing the happy dance, because guess what? I’ve got me a break coming. Finally. In the past month and a half, I’ve written two books—a celebrity memoir and a novel for tweens—and mama is, as my aunties used to say, plum wo’ out.

And instead of taking on another project/fighting with co-authors/wrestling for my checks/begging for mercy, I’m… going… to… sit… down.

I bought Coleson Whitehead’s new book, “Sag Harbor.” Maybe I’ll read it.

My girl Vanessa over at Food Lovers Like Me has some great new recipes on her site. Maybe I’ll try a few.

One of my favorite furniture stores, Arte Forma, is reducing its showroom and clearing out the joint. Maybe I’ll go shopping.

I’ve been threatening to make some new drapes for Mari’s room. Maybe I’ll sew them (yes, this is fun for me).

Lowes has some pretty purple flowers on sale. Maybe I'll get the girls to help me plant them.

Or maybe I’ll just sit…

…and be quiet.


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  1. Sitting and being quiet is good =). Enjoy at least a day of it... you can always add in a fun project or two before your break is over.

  2. It's hard, but sometimes us mommas have to shut it all down -- and be okay with it.

    My only suggestion is to get out of the house when you feel this way so you don't get the impulse to dust all the furniture or mop the floor!


  3. You deserve a break! Relax and re-charge... how 'bout planting flowers, buying furniture, and then reading good book on new comfy couch for a start?

  4. Enjoy your break and do nothing. So hard to do as moms, but it's very necessary. AND you just cranked out two books? Sweetie, you DESERVE to relax! :)

  5. That's right! I celebrate not-a-damn-thang-ness whenever the rare opportunity presents itself. Enjoy it, you earned it fair and square!!!

  6. oh Mama are an inspiration... before you sit take a bow... give yourself the universal hug of light & love along withthe pat on the soooooo desrve it!! Love you.

  7. I need to take a page from your book and be still. Thanks for the reminder!

  8. Yes, it sounds like you need to sit and be still! Enjoy the moment, rest, relax, and breath....
    ( I need to take my own advice)

  9. Whatever - walking starts on Friday - so don't get too comfortable.

  10. Sounds like you have a lot planned for doing "nothing" LOL! Although I hear you on the Arte Forma sale...thanks for the heads up. :-)

    I would love to just be quiet.....

  11. Congratulations! Not only have you earned your break, you absolutely deserve it. Cheers to you, powerful, intelligent and beautiful sista'.
    Peace. Love. Light.


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