Friday, November 5, 2010

{On the Parenting Post} Demi Lovato Is Just A Girl... Now How Do I Explain This To My Kid?

So there I was, watching the Today Show and trying to get in a couple more winks when Lila came into the room—just in time to hear all this awful news about Disney pop sensation Demi Lovato. Apparently, the star of one of my daughters’ favorite shows, “Sonny With a Chance,” got herself all worked up into a tizzy over the harsh spotlight of celebrity and her ex-girlfriend status with the cute Jonas Brother and decided to hurt herself and her body to deal with the emotions of it all. No one in the starlet’s camp has come right out and confirmed this, but stories abound that Demi was cutting herself and submitting to an undisclosed eating disorder.

*deep sigh*

This was a conversation I wasn’t ready to have with the 8-year-old. The 11-year-old, maybe, seeing as she’s older and more mature and definitely able to, with some age-appropriate conversation, comprehend such things. But definitely not the little one, who still sleeps with her beloved blankie, loves Elmo and Dora (on the low—never in front of friends) and is still prone to climbing into and curling up in a warm mommy lap when she’s sleepy/grumpy/acting her shoe size, rather than her age.

She was very quiet while listening to the report—a huge hint that she was confused and sad, seeing as the kid can bounce off walls faster than the Tasmanian Devil. And then, the questions: 

"Mommy?" Lila asked, "What's rehab?"

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  1. My girls (ages 10, 8 & 5) LOVE Demi! My husband and I told them the truth before they heard wild rumors at school. We explained to them that Demi had been bullied as a child; that she had body-image issues; and that she cut herself as a result of all the stuff she held inside. We let them know that words can lift people up or tear them down. In Demi's case, they tore her little 18-year-old self down. After we finished, we let them know that they are PERFECT the way God made them. Then we prayed for Demi. As you said, she is still a girl. She's too young to be going through all that.

  2. Having this discussion a couple of days ago with a friend of mine about the shows that children have to watch, stimulated my interest when I heard about her situation on the news. My daughter has not seen this yet, which is a great thing for me. But I will be doing exactly what "themombeat" did with their children. Our children have a lot more problems that they have to deal with, then we did and it is hard for us as parents to keep them grounded and sane.

    I push alot of times for my daughter to read her books or for us to do arts and crafts to keep her from watching so much TV. In the end these disney channel stars are JUST children who are having to deal with grown up problems to soon! But this is just my rant as a mother!

    Have a great weekend all and my prayers are with her!

  3. I totally agree with "themombeat" I would only add that we should all be proud of Demi for realizing that she needed help and asking for it now instead of when she had no other choice, that in itself is HUGE and very mature and we should tell our children how proud we are of her for taking that courageous step.

  4. Don't kids just have the best timing sometimes?!


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