Thursday, February 3, 2011

MyBrownBaby, Out! {The one where I say farewell to Blogger}

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*queue Beyonce's "Upgrade" and insert image of Denene strutting in a hot pair of stilettos across your screen, Bey-style* 

Oh yes, it's true. MyBrownBaby's been upgraded. I've moved this bad boy over to my new mansion on WordPress—

The site was created by the fabulous Jamie Varon of Shatterboxx Media, and she hooked a girl up! I invite you to take a look around our new place. We’ve got a talented line-up of MyBrownBaby contributors who’ll be serving up the intelligent, thoughtful, witty posts you’ve come to love here at MyBrownBaby. We’ve several new features, too, including MyBrownBaby Fresh, our new product spotlight section, and MBB TV, where we’ll be spinning the hits and introducing a new web series. We’re also upping the ante on recipes, reviews, contests, giveaways and music and book coverage and more, features that will help make MyBrownBaby a formidable destination on the mom and parenting blogosphere.

And after you’ve put your feet up, we invite you to “like” the MyBrownBaby FaceBook page, follow MyBrownBaby on Twitter, become a Google follower, and, most importantly, subscribe via RSS or get MyBrownBaby delivered right to your inbox so that you won’t miss a single, solitary, delicious word from MyBrownBaby.
If you have the old MyBrownBaby button from this blogger site, let me upgrade you! Share the MyBrownBaby love with this new button, which will direct your readers to the all new, funky, fly fresh

Together, we’ll raise the bar when it comes to raising our beautiful brown babies, one MyBrownBaby post at a time.
Head on over to THE NEW MYBROWNBABY!

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