Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One Fine Day

Today, I'm starting work on a new book...

My husband is writing a book of his own...

We're walking on clouds after finding out our big girl was accepted into an extremely competitive and super awesome private school (that we can barely afford but is so good we would get three extra jobs to make sure she can go)...

Both my girls got on the Principal's Honor Roll—with all A's—for the fifth quarter in a row...

Mazi's best friend got an offer from FAMU (and accepted it; good looking out, Mitzi!)...

New neighbors moved into the house that sat abandoned in our cul-de-sac for about a year—and they're cool people we're going to enjoy getting to know...

And the sun is shining all kinds of bright.

We. Are. Blessed.

And for this, I say, simply, "Thank you."

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  1. Blessing abound in the Millner household! Congratulations!

  2. How awesome is that :)
    Congrats to your daughter on her acceptance and I wish you many more fine days , just like this one!

  3. Excellent on all counts! Congrats to your daughter; there is nothing like the wonderful start of a good school. Luck and inspiration to you on your book and your husband's. I am still editing a kids' picture book that I cannot seem to get right. :( Oh well, thankful anyway here in this neck of the woods too!

  4. I enjoyed reading today's piece Denene, my mom got it right when she used to say to me "simple is best". Congrats to you and you family. My girls are still pretty young but I hope me and hubs are doing our part right so we'll have some wonderful, bright girls like yours. As one of my single girlfriend always tell me "Thanks for representing the black family, you're doing a great job!"

  5. There's nothing better when you realize things are going well personally and professionally. Congrats and well wishes all around!

  6. Oh my God - you forgot "and Gretchen lives down the street"

  7. This is all so very awesome! Congrats to the entire crew! :-)

  8. Love hearing great news! Congratulations to all of you!

    Winks & Smiles,


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