Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Get It, Toyota: MyBrownBaby Hearts The "Swagger Wagon"

Just so you know, ain't nothing funnier than watching white folks be "down." Like, seriously? He didn't have to be bald with the glasses, but that helped. So did all that talk about "rolling hard through the streets and the cul-de-sacs," and  "cruising to the playdates lookin' all slick." And the babies as video vixens? Priceless. If Toyota was looking to make me giggle, mission accomplished. I'll never look at the Toyota Siena the same way again. Like, ever.
Of course, the reason we all laugh is because none of us thinks we're anywhere near as corny as these two. But er, um, yeah: Next time you're in the mirror, lean in a little, and conjure up the image of that smirk on your kids' face when you rolled down the windows on your swagger wagon and turned up the volume on Jay-Z's "Dirt Off Your Shoulder."
Uh huh.
*snaps fingers, nods head to the beat*

The Swagger Wagon
Yeah the Swagger Wagon
It's the Swagger Wagon
I gots pride in my ride...

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  1. When he swipes the tea set off the table *dead*!They have another video on their Youtube channel where she is dancing and he is making it rain, hilarious! Toyota definately has something with this!

  2. I was that mom rolling into car line in the preschool parking lot in my Toyota minivan with windows down and Jay-Z this week -- had to bring the volume down a few notches -- and that IS my favorite commercial (along with Hamsters driving toasters to the Black Sheep) : )

  3. Girl, I love you! I don't know how I happened upon your site but I'm so glad I did.

    Taking the survey now.

    (Hey, you should look into the CommentLuv plugin as a gift to your readers/commenters/bloggers.) This is not a selfish suggestion. ;-)

  4. Kind of sad too! Wow, is that how we are portrayed? Well I'm not taking ownership of that mess; but really who are they imitating, blacks as a whole!?!? To us we know the "deal-E-O," but to them and many other people world-wide, it portrays blacks as a whole. Kind of rough, street, and thug like. Not good. My head is hung low on this one.

  5. @Ann: I can see your perspective on that; there will be some ignoramuses who, in stereotyping us, will assume that this is a cheap imitation of blacks. But I didn't watch it and think that they were portraying black people. I thought they were parodying rappers—in the same vein that, say, Justin Timberlake put on heels and a body suit and tights and parodied Beyonce's "Single Ladies" dance. Just pure fun...

    @Kisse: Girl, I tried to put that "commentluv" on MBB and I couldn't get it to work. ARGH! But when I switch over to WordPress, it'll definitely be there—promise!

    @Mimi: YES! The tea party swipe was hysterical!

    @Pink and Green Mama and Hidaya: LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

  6. THIS is on 10! I shared it with my office crew for a lunchtime laugh - and the hilarity is ensuing! This track is gonna stick in my head just like the head-whipping Willow song did. Appreciate you!

  7. ROFLMBO!! Not... "bring the beat back!" I love it.

  8. Wow, domestication at its best and funniest!

  9. This is too funny. I definitely have to show this one to my hubby. He'll love it too. I must admit that the a minivan has never looked THIS cool to me before. LOL But it's still not cool enough for me to get one. I'd rather get an SUV :)

  10. It is SO perfect. In so many ways.

  11. Toyota wouldn't be in the number 1 spot for nothing. They are ultra reliable and have very efficient engines. The flip side is that they could be a little boring. I'm not sure about all the suits against it but sudden accelerations really just don't happen. And when you hit the brakes the car just stops. I think its more of a case of driver error.


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