Friday, January 28, 2011

{On the Parenting Post} My Kid: Queen of Band-Aids & Boo Boos

I’m not sure why we always fall for the okey-doke. I mean, the kid is all drama all the time—bumps into a chair and acts like she broke a kneecap, purposely Jim Carey falls on the floor and screams like she fell down a Chilean mine shaft. She gets a splinter and demands a sling. And runs through Sponge Bob band-aids like she owns stock in Johnson & Johnson. No blood required. By now, we should know not to take Lila’s frequent and frantic “Kid down—someone call 911!” antics so seriously. But somehow, we got suckered into a three-hour visit to the ER last weekend. We should have known better than to get suckered by the Band-Aid queen. Alas, we did. And three ER room hours, two doctor's examinations and on X-ray later, we feel like Bobo the Boo Boo Fool. 
Click here to read all about our ridiculous and ridiculously expensive trip to the ER room with the Queen of Boo Boos on the MyBrownBaby page on's the Parenting Post. And if you're so moved, leave a comment about your kids and their crazy boo boo antics!

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  1. ER...we have so done that! I am soooo off to read this one. jada is my frantic "i hurt myself" screaming one...

  2. Dood finally likes the taste of a particular medicine so now he's sick ALL the time.

    LOL @ “Kid down—someone call 911!”

  3. Girl they are really twins. We missed school yesterday cause Mommy didn't want to send a kid with peceived pink eye to school. But today took the cake...Meems wakes in her efforts to have another day at home. "mommy my eyes are burning...I can't open them...I had a dream that I was fighting with someone and they squirted something in my eyes. That's why my are burning." I tried not to laugh out loud...told her to continue getting dressed without missing a beat.


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