Thursday, February 12, 2009

MyBrownBabyReview: "Coraline." Plus, A "Coraline" Book Giveaway!

So it’s rare that Nick and I get to the theater to see a grown-up movie—we’re usually stuck in the Saturday matinees, chewing on greasy, under salted, over-priced popcorn, suffering (or sleeping) through some god-awful kid film, each one cheesier than the last. Once in a while, though, one of the kid flicks makes us feel like the $30-plus (!) price tag makes breaking the entertainment bank well worth it.

The movie “Coraline” is well worth the price of admission—and then some.

The premise: Coraline, a smark, quirky, gloomy child, moves with her parents into a sprawling, creaky old mansion at the top of an always-rainy, forever gloomy mountain, where the insufferable tween is constantly being shushed/blown-off/asked for “just one more minute” by her writer parents. There’s never any food in the refrigerator, her parents would much rather tickle their computer keys than show their daughter the attention she craves, and the cast of nutty neighbors who live around her—including two washed-up starlets, an aged circus performer, and a cornball of a boy with a mangy black cat—are much too weird for words. When Coraline is shooed off by her dad to “explore” their new house, she discovers a creaky little child-sized door that opens up into a tunnel leading to a parallel world where everyone, especially her button-eyed “Other Mother,” spoil her beyond compare.

But everything’s not what it seems in Coraline’s “other” house; she slowly discovers that the fanciful, colorful gardens, delicious food, animated toys, and two especially her uber attentive set of “other” parents and friends are part of a make-believe world that ultimately reveals itself much more dark and sinister than her real inattentive parents and gloomy, seemingly loveless home.

“Coraline” is deliciously creepy—full of wonder and darkness and spunk and hair-raising moments that might scare the wee bits just a wee bit. They’ll be too amazed by the 3 D stop-motion animation, though, to do the full-blown “Mommy, I’m scared!” freak-out, though; the special effects are simply incredible—designed not so much for flying objects to lurch at you as much as they it is to make you feel like you’re standing in the room, peeking around the corner at the action. The colors, the movements, the action, and especially the 3-D animation is simply breathtaking—unlike anything we’d ever seen.

You absolutely must, must, must take the kids to see this one in the movie theater, where they can experience the beauty of “Coraline” on the big screen—while I’m sure the DVD will be perfectly fine, it simply will not do the artistry of this movie justice. Trust me on this: Your kids will think it’s wonderfully, weirdly fantastic, and so will you.

And once your kids are thoroughly hooked, lead them to the children’s novel by the same name—the best-selling “Coraline,” by acclaimed fantasy author Neil Gaiman. In fact, you might want to leave a comment below for your chance to win a FREE copy of “Coraline” the novel.

I’ve got four copies.

Want one?

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  1. OMG! Miss J and I have a mommy/daughter date to see this movie on Friday, lol. It looked like it would be a good movie so I am very glad to hear that it actually is. I too do not make it to many adult movies and when I do, I have to choose wisely because Miss J is often in tow.

    And a book? That's even better. A way to relive this wonderful story over and over again... consider me entered in the running =)

  2. I'm so glad you reviewed this movie. It just looked weird in the commercials (and my kids weren't wanting to see it at all.) Maybe I'll talk them into it now.

    Sorry I've been an "absentee friend" for awhile. I was in TN for the weekend and things have just been crazy with the new website. I hope you're still having fun with your photos! :)

  3. I'd like to have a personal assistant and a maid and my own chef in my "other" life!

  4. This sounds like something my younger self would've gobbled right up, so I guess I can take my girls to see it. If they act up in the theatre, I'm dropping them off at your crib...LOL!

    In my "other life", I'd be so very thankful if my personal assistant, vegan chef and personal shoe-maker were all lined up and ready to bring Mama some joy!!!

  5. I'd like lots of chocolate and a maid :)

  6. In my other life I would be happy to find all those that I have loved before, some chocolate, and my crochet needles (which would be useless without yarn! that too!)

  7. i subscribed

  8. I went to Top Sista Sites and gave you a 10 out of 10! I think your site is amazing! Love it Love it Love it!

  9. made it !!! thanks for the wonderful giveaway

  10. In my other life is loved ones, my dogs, jetskis, and a boat on a Caribbean island

  11. I'd like oodles of money in my other life.

  12. In my other life I'd savor high fat sugary foods with no tummy aches or weight gain, oodles of books piled around me with comfy pillows to snuggle and read on, and a warm, pinkish sun to provide the sparkle to my days.

  13. my grandmother that I miss, a chef and a maid

    tiramisu392 (at)

  14. Have to echo the above commenter -- my Grandma -- I miss her a lot so that would be what I would want to find.
    Thanks for the giveaway!


  15. I took my daughter to see it when it first came out and we LOVED it!!! Did you notice that the little boy was black? You don't find that in animated movies.

    In my "other life" I would like to find my dear friend Charles. And I wouldn't mind being fabulously

  16. Elle,

    I DID notice that the little friend was black--as was his grandma and her twin... Also, the cat was voiced by the actor Keith David. REALLY nice to see the diversity in the cast...


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