Monday, September 21, 2009

Finding Great Joy In Gamma's Home Cooking

I don’t know that my mom loved to cook as much as she dug the reactions she got from her standout meals. A daughter of the South, Bettye was renowned for her southern dishes, and her macaroni and cheese was the stuff of legend. People heard she was whipping up a pan, and they’d get into car accidents and break stuff and whatnot trying to get in line for a heaping serving before it was all gone. It wasn’t an easy dish to make back then; the grocery stores didn’t have those glorious pre-shredded bags of cheese, so she had to scrape countless blocks of sharp and mild cheddar over her beat-up hand-held shredder to get the right amount of cheese she needed for ginormous pans of mac and cheese, which should explain why she wasn’t a fan of the cooking part.

As a kid, I didn’t quite get my mom’s foot dragging in the kitchen; I’d beg her to let me help, and on the days when she’d hand over a block of cheese for me to shred, I’d handle it with great glee. I loved helping out in the kitchen! But as a mom charged with cooking three squares for a family of five most days of the week, I kinda get it now. After the writing and the chores and the homework help and the after-school activities, I barely want to think through what to cook, let alone stand over a hot stove. It’s plain exhausting.

Which is why I’m training my girls how to handle themselves in the kitchen. Oh, it’s not a game: I’ve had Mari and Lila cracking eggs, seasoning chicken, slicing fruit (with kid-friendly knives), and buttering biscuits practically from the moment they were able to walk themselves into the kitchen.


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  1. Denene...not only are you a wonderful mother, but you are a super-smart mama as well!

    I have never been a big fan of cooking...I didn't even like it when I was a little girl (I just enjoy the "eating" part of the whole experience.) I didn't hit me until last year (10 years after I first became a mother) that I need to teach my kids to love cooking. Not only for their own good, but for MINE as well. lol! You figured that out a lot quicker than I did. :)

    It's always a joy to stop by here to see how you are doing...

  2. I'm glad you have your kids in the kitchen already... a lot of women today feel like there's no need to know how to cook (and this current era of takeout and microwave meals doesn't help matters) and a lot of them feel like cooking for a man has something to do with being a servant... but it comes down to the love... cooking is so much more than knowing how much salt to put in or how many cups of cheese to put in the macaroni... I LOVE to cook only because of that reaction that I garner from people (plus, I like certain things a certain way... LOL) but in any event, I loved this post...

  3. Oh girl, I'm on a diet and you're making me hungry. Love this post but I gotta go. lol.

  4. Amen to this! I have my 3-year-old daughter in the kitchen with me all the time and my 1-year-old son will be helping us pretty soon! My daughter has already made a cake for her Nana and loves stirring, which comes in handy when you have to work the batter for like 5 minutes. I put my kids to work in the kitchen! I refuse to have my future son- or daughter-in-law fussing at me 'cause my kids can't cook. Uh-uh. No way. LOL.

  5. I'm glad all is well. (floods)

    That is awesome that you've started your girls off so early. I think I'll start letting my oldest help out. She's always asking, but because cooking is no fun to me, I'm always trying to just get done. We make desserts together though.

  6. Love it.

    I was reared in the South and at the hems of my Mom, Grandmothers and Aunts in their kitchens. Though I don't do it much, I love to cook and my heartstrings are tugged when I make one of their recipes. Great post. I might just make Grandma Pinkie's coconut lemonade cupcakes tomorrow.

  7. @Broke Socialite: OH SNAP!!!! You NEED to share that recipe with MBB—seriously! That combination sounds absolutely DELICIOUS!!!

  8. I say Amen to that! I am a firm believer in starting the kids off young. good for you.


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