Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beyond the Parking Lot Mafia: How I Get What I Want—and My Children Need—From My Kids' Teachers

As we head back to school, my kids’ new teachers never really see me coming. That is until they make what they think is supposed to be a 30-second courtesy introductory call and get lassoed into a 40-minute conversation on curriculum, class structure, homework, discipline practices and the socialization of children. I don’t interrogate them, per se, but I’m very clear that I want to know who will be nourishing my kids’ intellect, character and mental and emotional well-being during the majority of their days.
Oh, I know—it sounds tough. But I promise I’m not a part of the Parking Lot Mafia of moms who cluck and rattle and get in a tizzy over what flavor cupcake the teachers served at the 6th grade play. I’m just the opposite – once I know the teachers and I are on the same page, I’ll walk through a mountain to make sure they have what they need to do their job effectively...
To find out how I get on the same page with my daughters' teachers so that we can have a great school year, and to get great tips on confidence-building tools and stories about how moms are helping their tweens navigate those sweat-inducing "moments," check out www.DontFrettheSweat.com.
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